Rabbi Dale Cohen

Drawing from an extensive knowledge and personal experience with the Land of Israel, its people, culture and history Rabbi Dale graciously guides people into a new depth and appreciation for the Scriptures … and the timeless truths they hold.

Teaching Scripture from a historical and cultural context, his approach provides an exciting learning experience that helps people rediscover their faith.

Using ancient methods of Jewish study, he will introduce people to a new dimension of study skills that will springboard them into a deeper, richer relationship with G-d and provide practical living skills for daily life. He will get them thinking, studying, learning – and yearning for more.
Rabbi Cohen graduated in 1980 as an Honor Student, a member of the National Honor Society, and received two nominations to one of the military academies. His original plan of pursuing a career in aeronautical engineering was interrupted by a call into the ministry.

Over the years he has done external studies with a Yeshiva (school of Jewish studies) near Jerusalem and has been a member of the American School of Oriental Research, and American Bible Teachers. He has worked on archeological digs throughout Israel, serving on the Bethsaida Archaeological Expedition and as the Archeological Field Supervisor for the Kursi Archaeological Expedition in Israel.
For the past several years Dale has conducted numerous archeological study-tours to Israel where he serves as instructor and guide. Traveling across the United States he speaks in congregations of various denominations, colleges and seminaries.

He has also served as a rabbi for two messianic congregations. As a result he is sensitive to the needs of both the congregation and the pastor. Because he speaks in a wide variety of denominations, he prefers to avoid doctrinal issues and focus on the jewels found within the Word of God.