“When they heard these things they became silent; and they glorified God, saying, “Then God has also granted to the Gentiles repentance to life.”” (Acts 11:18, NKJV)

It’s funny how things end completely different than the way they start. A fight. Accusations fly. People take sides and there is division. Wouldn’t it be amazing if things didn’t have end up that way? That is why someone in the room has to be the adult and keep calm.

We can learn a lot from Peter. When he was accused of being impure by crossing ethnic and religious borders, he didn’t shoot back with accusations of his own. Instead, he gave a solid, biblical answer to his accusers that, by the time he was finished convinced all that God moves in ways they would have
never imagined!

Peter started off by saying that he was seeking God in prayer. While doing so, he saw a vision. A sheet containing a preponderance of perfectly putrid portions of a pot-luck gone wild. Unclean! It turned his stomach, but the voice of Jesus told him to hurry and help himself to the hunt. He was given this vision three times and then was visited by Gentiles. They were unclean. The vision was getting clearer. They invited him to speak at the home of a Centurion named Cornelius. Peter agreed with his accusers. He would have been on their side if God had not spoke.

The Holy Spirit told him not to doubt. A six pack from “the circumcision,” the same party of his accusers, went with him. When they arrived Cornelius confirmed Peter’s presence. Before Peter could finish speaking, and I think the furthest thing from his mind, the Holy Spirit fell on those gathered. Peter remembered that Jesus said that believers would be filled with the Spirit and with power — the Gentiles were true believers! If the Spirit felt comfortable in the home of a Gentile, shouldn’t Peter? Then they were all baptized.

How do we know if we are truly walking in the will of God? We can do what Peter did: Seek the Lord; realize our bias; get confirmation from both people and the word of God; then do what the Spirit asks. Expect to be shocked by what He does. But be assured that you are in His will.

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