“We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God. “

Acts 14:22

Paul said this after he was drug out of town and stoned at Lystra. No, not that kind of stoned.

Anyway, a man was there who couldn’t walk, but seemed to believe every word that Paul spoke. Paul said to him, “Stand up and walk!” When he heard that, he believed and leapt to his feet. The people began to whisper among themselves that Paul and Barnabas must be gods. They set up an altar and began to offer sacrifices to the two missionaries, who did everything they could to halt the ostentatious offering.

As they were arguing against the beneficence, their enemies from other towns come and argue with Paul and Barnabas. They told the people that the Christian leaders weren’t gods, but heretics. Then came some serious rock and roll.

One moment, you’re a god, the next, you’re a dead man. As they gathered around, they began to see signs of life. Paul wasn’t dead after all. He got up, went into the city where there were some seriously surprised people, preached the gospel, and left to go somewhere else. Then he said our verse today. Wow!

The trick is to not get entangled in what people think or in believing our own press clippings. We must be consistent, unwavering whether they love us or hate us, we do what God wants us to do.

There’s going to be good days, bad days, and worse days. But God has made them all. This is the day that the LORD has made. I will rejoice and be glad. Will you?

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