“When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope of our being saved was at last abandoned.” Acts 27:20; ESV

Ever notice that God always waits until there is no hope, then helps us? It happens in the scripture. Lazarus’ sisters were both upset because Jesus waited too long to help their brother. The Israelites were up against the Red Sea with no hope of escape and here in Acts 27, there is no hope to be saved.

When Lazarus got horribly sick, they sent for Jesus but Jesus waited a few more days before coming to save him. In that time frame, Lazarus died. Why doesn’t God say “How high?” when we say “jump?” When Jesus finally did arrive, the sisters were upset. They expected results from the only person who could have saved the “one whom He loved.”

That is an interesting point. If God loves us, why doesn’t He act? That is precisely the point. God doesn’t act out of love, out of greater glory and out of a plan.

The Israelites had their backs up against the wall. They were stuck between the sea and Egyptian army. Which would they choose? Fighting meant certain death; heading toward the sea wasn’t an option. They were dead ducks. Actually, if they would have been ducks, they could have floated across the sea, but that’s for another devotional. Out of love and greater glory, God had a plan.

It is almost as if God waits for us to give up. It’s almost as if He puts us into impossible situations so that we are completely reliant on Him. Notice the wording of Acts 27:20? “all hope of our being saved was at last abandoned.” At last. Once hope was abandoned… Once all that men could do was exhausted… Once realization set in that there was nothing that could be done, God springs into action.

Eventually, as you read the rest of the story, everyone was, well, saved. God saved them. They lost the cargo, the tackle and the ship, but at least they walked away with their lives.

Is there an “at last” moment waiting for you? Are you ready to finally give up all so that God can show His love, glory and plan in your life? If you’re ready, it’s a great adventure. You might lose the stuff of this world, but you will gain life… everlasting and abundant.

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