Steve Marquez
March 16, 2015

“For you shall drive out the Canaanites, though they have chariots of iron, and though they are strong.” Joshua 17:18b

Everything was going well. Joshua was handing out land like candy. The children of Israel were finally getting a land of their own. The tribe belonging to one of the heroes of the nation, Joseph, complained that they didn’t get enough land. They were tough guys and needed a little respect.

I love what Joshua says. “Clear the forest.” Then the tribal leaders said, “But the Canaanites have iron chariots there.” Joshua called their bluff. “You want more land? You’ll have to fight for it.”

The tribe of Joseph thought pretty highly of themselves on paper, but when it came to actually getting the job done, they were afraid. “We’re strong, but not that strong!” But the promise of God was that the children of Israel, which included those from the tribe of Joseph, would defeat their enemies and inherit the land.

Joshua tells them that they will have the victory over the Canaanites even with their iron chariots.

Are you all talk and no action? Do you develop “chicken-itis” when things get tough? When the rubber meets the road are you willing to take the ride? Even when it’s difficult or near impossible? Remember, you are not fighting in your own strength; the battle belongs to the Lord. When it is His battle, we can be assured of the victory.

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