Steve Marquez
March 14, 2015

Read Joshua 14:6-15

Caleb was one of only two of the original spies to survive forty five years wondering in the desert. After all that time, he never forgot about the promise of God. He was promised land, and he believed that God was going to give it to him.

The years went by, and now, as Joshua, the other original spy, was leading the next generation into the promised land. Caleb was now eighty-five years old. You would think that he would take it easy and find the weakest enemy to overthrow and take a small piece of land for himself and his family. But that is not who Caleb was. When the people saw giants, he saw opportunity, when the people saw walled cities, he saw God’s victory. When the people were discouraged, he saw the glory of God. So Caleb chose Kiriath-Arba, the place of the giants. He was not content with mediocre or just getting by. He was either going to trust God for big things, or fail trying.

But he trusted the LORD. He held on to the promises of God like a Bulldog. When a bulldog locks its jaw on something, it won’t let go. No matter what you try, you’d have to kill the dog in order for it to let go. And that is how Caleb was about the promises of God! He took the difficult path on purpose because the glory of God and the rewards were so much greater there.

So what path are you on? Are ready to kill some giants, tear down some walls, or are you content just living a mediocre life? In short, are you ready to be a Bulldog?

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